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The most important political office is that of Private Citizen. 

Hispanics are not participating fully in our elections, in government and in other avenues where the community voice can be heard.  This is important to our goal of becoming a Top 10 city because high voter turnout is highly correlated with overall higher Latino engagement and positive Hispanic outcomes.  The Civic Participation Committee works on important Latino policy and representation issues, bringing out the voice of the Latino community, research and white papers that give insight into our needs or solutions that we seek, and supporting better voter turnout. 




We believe that there is greater power and greater potential for change when we work together behind Latino issues.  In the past few years, in addition to the effects of the pandemic, the Latino community has lost representation at all levels of government, our political voice has taken a toll with unfavorable redistricting outcomes, and we have been severely underinvested in so far with the CARES/ARPA investment dollars.  We have convened Latinos from around the state to talk about collaboration at a greater level. Learn more about our two last sessions below. 

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