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When one person's livelihood changes, it can impact an entire family and then a whole community. 

Despite having high rates of employment, Hispanics in this region have one of the lowest median household incomes level putting many children and families at or below poverty. This is important to our goal of becoming a Top 10 city because so many of the variables in the index correlate to income.  The Prosperity & Vitality Committee is actively working on upskilling Hispanics into higher-skilled, higher-paying positions and building the infrasture that could help us transform 15,000 households by an increase of $10,000 or more each.



In addition to low median income/high poverty in our Latino community, the pandemic also showed us our vulnerability with having such a big percentage (80%) of our workforce concentrated in such few "essential worker" categories and industries.  


Based on opportunity areas identified via our working groups, we have sought out training partners/programs in in-demand fields and are recruting a group of Latinos for that training while adding a cohort model to it.  We currently have conducted cohorts in cybersecurity and certified nursing assistants. We are also concentrating our recruitment in key zip codes that are the most occupationally segregated and amongst the hardest hit by the pandemic.  The successful solution will not only help Latinos get into better earning trajectories but also give us the insight we need on the right  infrastructure to tackle this issue at a bigger scale.  


Consider Your Opportunities

Changing jobs or careers can be scary and difficult.  But the world has changed and there are very different types of jobs and careers that are in demand today and can help you earn more for you and your family.  


The Hispanic Collaborative can help with this.  We have several opportunities for you to consider, have removed the risk of loss of income or job security while transitioning.    Take our survey so we know a bit more about you and/or use the below form to contact us today! 

Have questions?  Contact us about opportunities to upskill your career and earn more for you and your family!

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