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Our Mission

Our mission is to advance outcomes for Latinos in the region to move Milwaukee into a top-10 city on the Hispanic Well-Being Index through  collaborative efforts to  drive innovation and systemic change, creating a stronger, more competitive, and united region for all.


Our Values

  • We believe that we can positively impact the prosperity of the region by strengthening the economic foundation of its fastest-growing population.

  • We believe that a strong, well-funded, strategic, and aligned Latino ecosystem of CBOs is vital to the success of the region and to achieve our goals.

  • We believe that investment, advocacy and partnership by non-Hispanic civic and business leaders in our goals are necessary to create change.

  • We believe that the most effective and efficient solutions for Latino issues are developed and implemented specifically by Latinos, in collaboration with partners providing expertise and resources.

  • We believe in focusing time and resources on the issues that will be catalysts for large-scale community improvement in outcomes.

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