If you don't know about something, you ask the right people who do. 

Latinos are the fastest growing demographic in Milwaukee - Wisconsin - and the nation.  We are also the largest minority. That means that the fate and well-being of the Latino community is also the fate of the broader community.  That is a message we should all be sharing often with others because an investment in Latinos is a win-win proposition.  


Our Latino community needs to do our part too.  We need to be aware of the opportunities around us.  We have an obligation to ourselves and our families to continually improve our own positions.  And we need to learn about programs, services and assistance that is meant to help us through that process.  As we learn about opportunities for Latinos or Latino serving organizations, we will share them with you here.    


Could your company use a free College Intern?

UW-Milwaukee and the MMAC are partnering to place and pay for100 diverse college students at area companies. If your company is interested, reach out to Benjamin Trager at UWM

Does the thought of being a Certified Nursing Assistant and starting a new career within 6 months excite you? 

Get into our next CNA class at no cost to you- with a full support team to help you succeed.  Reach out to Andrea Barrutia

If you never thought you could work in Information Technology- think again! 

All you need is a high school diploma or GED and we will help you through this fully bilingual training program to become a cybersecurity professional. Contact Andrea Barrutia for more information. 

Are you a homeowner that has had difficulty during the pandemic? 

The State of Wisconsin has received $92Million to help homeowners who are behind on mortgage, property taxes, utilities and more.  Email us to connect you with a Latino agency that can help you with the application.