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The American Dream isn't a sprint or a marathon, but a relay. 


Real estate development shapes communities and neighborhoods and builds wealth. Milwaukee's Latino community is not represented in development in the numbers we need to be in Milwaukee.  A big reason for that is access to capital and mentorship.  The Equity Fund will help change that dynamic and support emerging developers on their first projects that both positively affect neighborhoods and launch careers.




One of our highest correlating variables to the Hispanic Well-Being Index is education. Specifically, the higher the % of Latinos that have a college degree, the better all health, wealth, and income outcomes are for all Latinos.  Right now, Milwaukee Latinos lag behind their white counterparts by 20% points- and that unacceptable.  We need more Latinos with college degrees.  That is why you will find us supporting the work of schools, HERA, City Forward Collective and others who are hoping to change this with us.  Check out more about this organizations from our partner page. 

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