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Strong Community

Armed with data, we bring together the collective power of our community to innovate and transform our community out of poverty and into greater well-being.  The Hispanic Well-Being Index tells us that improving median household income amongst our latino community is one of the most powerful levers to improve all of our outcomes and rankings.  Helping our Latino workforce transition from lower-skilled, lower-paying jobs to in-demand, higher-skilled, higher-paying jobs is key to creating a strong community.


  • Participant-centric solution much more effective at driving participation, completing training, and into new employment

  • Very effective with shepherding new Certified Nursing Assistants from other low-skilled, lowpaying wages, but model can be applied to any similar upskilling opportunity

  • Scaling Pilot to achieve 1,000 individuals upskilled per year




  • 40 college students participating in a 1-year working, paid internship to support local Latino-owned businesses with social media

  • Students execute and teach social media to their business clients

  • Students learn from mentor agencies and develop their network

  • Scale of businesses reached and students participating to address each of their needs creates an attractive synergy that can be scaled

  • Pilot completed spring of ’24. White paper is currently being written on the learnings. 



  • Strong need in the Latino business community, especially during the pandemic for greater digital expertise, presence and e-commerce

  • mercadoMKE was created as a free service to the Latino owned businesses as an online marketplace of regional Latino owned businesses

  • Currently over 125 Latino owned businesses on the marketplace and program successfully lives as a program of an entrepreneurial support ecosystem partner; WWBIC

  • Visit mercadoMKE HERE.

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