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The Hispanic Collaborative works with the broader community to advance outcomes for Latinos in the region and make Milwaukee a Top-10 City for Latinos on the Hispanic Well-Being Index.  We accomplish this by building a strong Latino community, strengthening and growing the ecosystem that supports it, and building strong allies and partners that understand and value the narrative of today’s Latino population.  We believe that we can positively  impact the prosperity of the region by strengthening the economic foundation of its fastest-growing population. We provide a model by which we effectively address a complex social problem that requires multiple sectors and organizations to solve them. As the backbone organization, the Hispanic Collaborative convenes, codifies, advocates, and invests in the mutual goal of a strong Milwaukee for all. 

Register for the 2023 Report on the State of Latinos  HERE



Apply: Iron District Development Intern

Interested in Real Estate? Apply to be part of this exciting project, expand your experience and your network.  CLICK HERE for more information. 


Career Upskilling

Interested in a better career and better earning as a Certified Nursing Assistant and other fields? Contact Francisco to find out more and join our upcoming classes.   


Social Media Internship

33 Latino College Students are assisting small businesses with Social Media services for 1 year.  They are also expanding their experience and network in the industry.  Support this program by supporting the Hispanic Collaborative.  Email Us Today! 



Join us for the next URBANO conference in 2024.  Have a project you are planning?  Email Diana to get invited to our planning and networking sessions. 

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