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Social Media
College Internship

Apply for a year long, paid Social Media Internship and support our Latino Owned Businesses 

We are looking for bilingual, bicultural college students interested in the communications industry and in one of the following areas of study for a year long paid internship in social media. Students will work directly with the Latino owned businesses on mercadoMKE on their social media strategy and execution. Currently there are over 125 Latino businesses on Milwaukee’s online Latino marketplace, mercadoMKE. Students with the following majors are great candidaates for this internship. 

  • Communications

  • Graphic design

  • Digital design

  • Marketing

  • Digital media

  • Journalism

  • Public relations

  • Cinematography

  • Photography

  • Social Media marketing

This internship program will be guided by The Commons and in partnership with leading industry communications firms that will provide mentorship and real-world guidance. This program offers approximately 500 hours of work and experience over a years’ time from May ’23 to June ’24, and will pay participants $20/hour. Participants must be available in the Milwaukee area during this timeframe.

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